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Toner is a liquid or dry powder mixture is commonly used in electronic reproduction equipment, the "ink", a digital printing company relying on such material for imaging and printing companies rely on traditional ink for printing the truth is the same. Both black and white ink d, or toner, the company's products for digital printing quality and production costs are important for.

  Offset businesses often buy ink from the ink company, and most of its digital printing equipment company is a supplier to buy toner, rather than from independent toner manufacturers there were. But this can not be generalized, some third-party toner manufacturers will sell directly to their products equipment distributors in order to eat not to share. Even some well-known ink manufacturers sometimes processing toner for the equipment manufacturers.

For equipment suppliers, because the revenue stream in the supply of toner is an important part, but also to the user a great deal of difference in quality and cost, these companies are willing to invest a lot of manpower and material resources in R & D and market development. Nevertheless, some from Xerox, HP, Canon and Océ experts believe that the current performance of toner have reached the most optimized, future research may focus on key areas in the jet. Breakthrough in the chemical reagent.

Recent years, the toner development of the most important breakthrough in color printing for the development of chemical toner. Canon, HP, Konica Minolta and Xerox, have introduced new products. According to Xerox introduced the traditional toner is plastic, pigments and additives mixed ground into small particles were then screened to remove large particles and too small particles. Each method is to produce smaller and more uniform particles. Canon uses suspension polymerization technology, Xerox and Konica Minolta is the use of emulsion aggregation (EA) toner technology to increase the fineness of particles, rather than grinding method.

Canon company called S Toner (S-Toner) product, is produced by polymerization. Using this technique, the monomer and the wax and pigment mixed carefully, and they dispersed in polymer particles, and then be able to generate sophisticated, side similar to the particles, the inner layer of the wax particles, the outer for the polymer.

Chemical toner Konica Minolta and Xerox's EA toner by emulsion polymerization method to improve the very small (micron level) of the toner particles fineness, the resulting particle size is uniform.

Use toner to print high definition images, lines and text, have greatly improved the quality, stability is very good, and service costs low, has great market potential. Xerox EA toner particles can be as small as 5 microns, and Canon's products can be as small as 7.5 microns. Currently, the development of this area has just started, is very promising. Now Xerox's DocuColor2240, 1632 and 3535 products have been applied EA toner, DocuColor in the series of other products also plans to apply this technology in the future. Traditional and new technologies which better can not be generalized, and the whole system is mainly concerned.

In color digital copying process, many systems the problem ultimately comes down to ink problems. For example, in monochrome printing, if the network changes, gray to light gray, may be seen at a glance. However, in color printing, that is not the shadow of change, but the color changed. Access to long-term stability of the entire system of products is the problem. Each user needs a very stable product, which on the particle size toner presented greater challenges.

For example, Xerox's DocuColoriGen3 not using EA technique. EA and the iGen3 is the development of both products, and iGen3 toner formula is used in Xerox products have been developed over the most complex one, even though it is a traditional toner, but its particle size and dispersion are very good , but gamut space and gloss are very satisfactory.

Canon has a similar example, the latest S-toner has been used in some products, but the best products at the CLC family of companies still use traditional ultra-fine, ultra-gloss toner to on the original make the best copy.

Liquid ink Developers are not stuck in the footsteps of his traditional dry toner and chemical toner, some manufacturers have developed a liquid ink, such as the original Indigo company. Indigo in 1993, together with the E-Print1000 ElectroInk patented product launch is one of its main selling point, HP is now the company is still doing follow-up of the product development. This product can be with the offset printing quality comparable to, by computer-controlled printing can be as small as 1 micron particles, and this is it named "electronic ink" reasons.

Dry toner is pre-packaged paints, through ground or through the aggregate to the size of ink particles to 5 micron size formed, not by a dissolution process, only when printing, only to melt and transfer to the paper. The liquid ink in discrete particles suspended in liquid, the size can be very small. Which can also add some of dispersing agent, bonding material and dye, then the chemical surface of the particle charge, and use electric field to move them around. This ink and offset printing inks have more similarities, and this is that it can reproduce high-quality production? Commonly used method of heating and pressure, and liquid ink (such as ElectroInk) is the use of heat, chemical energy and mechanical energy in the printing Materials formed on the surface layer of colored polyethylene film.

As ElectroInk lasting viscous ink, so the beginning of the need to use specially coated for printing material, digital printing can now HPIndigo printing paper has a certain range of the expansion, and the company is still on the paper surface The chemical nature of the further research, and their goal is good in performance and price appropriate, easy access to the paper (the same as offset printing paper) to achieve the perfect print.

Black toner Black toner on the development has been more than 60 years old. The color toner, the goal is to reduce prices; while for black toner, it is the smaller particles produced products. Because the particle size toner for the image quality is essential. The smaller particles, the more gray levels, higher yields and better coverage.

In addition, some companies also try to develop more products

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On-demand printing of toner - Digital printing, on-demand printing, toner - screen printing industry, especially web

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On-demand printing of toner - Digital printing, on-demand printing, toner - screen printing industry, especially web

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